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  • What does Craig teach at a clinic?
    Craig offers 4 distinctly different clinic topics. Willingly Guided This clinic is beneficial for riders of any discipline, who wish to improve basic body control, focus, find mental neutral, and develop a deeper level of refinement. Prerequisite: Walk, trot, lope, don't fall off. Let's Get Ranchy In this clinic, you will learn about body control, effective steering, stopping, and speed control, how to get great transitions and departures, and so much more! Prerequisite: Walk, trot, lope, don't fall off. Let It Rein: When foundation meets circles, stops, and spins. In this clinic you will learn how to clean up your 0. Prerequisite: Willingly guided, Power of Performance, or previous lessons with Craig, or previous study of Craig's "Let it Rein" Series. Cowboy Dressage Prerequisite: Walk, trot, lope, don't fall off.
  • How do I get Craig to teach a clinic near me?
    Step 1: Check out the Google Calendar. If you see an open date that might work for you, Call, text, or Email: (940)641-0777 Step 2: Send a deposit equal to the estimated cost of travel to your clinic. Craig's flight conformation serves as your contract. Step 3: Send clinic venue information, contact information, and any importand details that you would like included in the promotion of your clinic to: Kresney will make a flyer for your clinic and help you promote your clinic.
  • What does it cost to host a clinic?
    With a little bit of planning, it shouldn’t cost the host anything to have a clinic. Craig’s daily fee is $1500. Other expenses include travel, and lodging. Travel: When planning expenses, we recommend budgeting $600 for travel within the United States. Unless specifically requested, Craig books his own travel within the US. For international travel, we will work with the host to find the most economical and mutually convenient travel arrangements. Travel to and from the clinic venue: Craig will need to catch a ride or rent a car, if he is not staying at the venue, or with a host. A weekend car rental usually cost about $100. Lodging: If the host or a nearby participant has a spare bedroom, a barn apartment, or camper/ living quarters trailer with a bathroom and a place to shower, there is no need to book a hotel room. The Arena: Most clinics are held at facilities that are owned by the host, therefore there is no additional cost. If you are wanting to host a clinic, but need to rent a venue, we are finding the cost for a full-service facility is $200-$400 a day.
  • How many riders can participate?
    The number of riders depends on the size of the facility and arena, as well as how many people you would like to divide the cost between. Most 'pop-up' clinics draw 12-16 riders. Very large facilities such as show venues or coliseum can comfortablely accomodate as many as 24 riders, and still facilitate an awesome learning experience.
  • How much should I charge my guests to ride?
    That depends on your cost. Let’s plan for a high budget, 2 day clinic, within the US. Craig is staying in a hotel, and he needs to rent a car for the weekend to get to the venue and you have rented an arena and we couldn’t find a great deal on a flight. Your cost is $4750. The cost to ride in this clinic is: 8 riders=$593. 10 riders= $475. 12 riders=$395. 14 riders= $340. 16 riders= $296. 18 riders= $265. 20 riders= $240 Let's look at the numbers for a 2 day clinic with fewer expenses. Craig gets picked up at the airport, stays with the host or a participant, and there is no charge to use the arena and facilities. The cost for a flight, the clinic fee, and $100 for the host to cover food for Craig and gas for the airport transportation is $3700. The cost to ride in the clinic is: 8 riders=$465. 10 riders=$370. 12 riders=$310. 14 riders=$265. 16 riders=$230 18 riders=$205. 20 riders=$185. This is just a guideline. The host is welcome to charge an additional fee, in order to cover incurred expenses and compensate for time.
  • What sort of arena do we need?
    Size-100ft by 200ft is ideal. It depends on how many riders are participating. Footing-Footing should be dry and level; not excessively deep, or hard. You don't need "reining ground" to host a clinic, unless the group is very advanced and/ or it is a Reining specific clinic. An indoor arena is preferred, but if you don't have one available, and you trust your weather, an outdoor arena will work.
  • What is the clinic format?
    The general clinic format for a 2 or 3 day clinic... Craig prefers to split riders into 2 groups. It allows for the rider to get the information twice; once in a notebook, and again, on the horse, as a clinic is a waste of money if you don't understand or don't remeber what you are there to learn. Day 1: 9am-Riders gather without their horses for a quick briefing. Riders will be split into 2 groups. 9:30-Group 1, session 1 11:15-Group 2, Session Lunch Break 2:00-Group 1, Session 2 3:45- Group 2, Session 2 Day 2/3: 9:00-Group 1, Session 1 10:45-Group 2, Session 1 Lunch Break 2:00-Group 1, Session 2 3:00-Group 2, Session 2
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